The club has purchased some racketball equipment to allow members to have a go at this fun sporting alternative to squash. There are two rackets plus balls in the left hand cupboard on the balcony.

Members are welcome to use the equipment but please ensure you return it to the cupboard once you have done. It would help us to gauge the take-up of this initiative if you could make a note of the usage on by recording the date and your name or membership number the lists inside the racket covers.

Racketball is very similar to squash and is played to almost identical rules. It is generally a lower impact sport but the rallies tend to be longer and so tests you in different ways.

Rules of racketball

The rules of racketball are very similar to those of squash with just a few exceptions largely surrounding the serve. These differences are outlined below along with a link to the normal rules of squash.

The serve

  • The ball must be bounced off the floor before the serve
  • A player has two attempts to serve with a let being played if the first service is not legal
  • The service has to go direct to the front wall hitting above the tin (although not necessarily above the service line)
  • The ball must bounce in the opponents court beyond the short line (the opponent may choose to play the ball if it lands short)
  • The ball must not hit the back wall before bouncing
  • If the ball hits the back nick on the serve, a let is played