Frequently asked questions

The squash club is situated in the grounds of the Memorial Centre on East Common. It is directly behind the tennis courts when viewed from the road.

Find out exactly where we are by visiting our map.

Gerrards Cross Squash Club is a members only club. We have several categories of membership at highly reasonable prices.

Go to our membership page to get more details.

Collect and fill in an application form from the website using the link below and send it along with a cheque made payable to Gerrards Cross Squash Club Ltd and a stamped addressed envelope to the Membership Secretary. You will also need to purchase booking credit to be able to book courts.

It is worth contacting the Membership Secretary to get the latest price.

Current membership fees are displayed on the Membership page (click on the link below). The fees are listed for the full year, contact the membership secretary for pro-rata figures when joining throughout the year.

Courts are booked via a web-based booking system. Members are given a login to this system on joining the club. Connect to the system using the link below and login. You are then able to select a date and time to book your court. The court fee is then deducted from your booking credit balance.

If you identify an opponent at the time of booking they are given the option to pay their share of the booking fee went they login themselves.

If you are a league member, you can book a court and select the League Booking option. This emails every member in your league and offers them the option to accept this booking on a first come - first served basis.

Booking credit can be purchased in two ways:

  • Online via a page on this website - Purchase booking credit
  • By cheque - leave a cheque made payable to Gerrards Cross Squash Club Ltd in an envelope marked for the attention of John Mayfield or David Sledge in the pigeon-holes on the balcony of the club. Please do not leave cash in the club

The club runs several tournaments every year (see the list below) and also runs a ladder and a thriving system of leagues.

Tournaments at the club
  • Ken Hewison Winter Handicap Tournament (February)
  • Rob Milliner Summer Handicap Tournament (September)
  • Club Championship (April)
  • Veterans’ Championship (April)
  • Ladies’ Championship (April)
  • League 7+ Championship (April) - for members of league 7 and below

You can join the leagues by notifying the League Secretary in one of the following ways:

  • Use the online form on the website by following this link: Register for leagues
  • Add your name and contact details on the list on the noticeboard on the balcony of the club
  • Contact the League Secretary by email: email the League Secretary

  • Please supply your name contact details and an indication of where you would like to enter the leagues. We do not guarantee the actual league that you will start in but will use this as a guide. It does not have to be precise (eg "League 4 to 5" or "bottom third").

Go to the ladder page on the website by clicking on the link below. Click on the button at the bottom of the page to register for the ladder. You will be challenged to enter your surname, membership ID and a PIN.

You are allowed to challenge any person on the ladder with your first challenge. For subsequent challenges, you are limited to challenging members up to 4 places above you.

New members of the club may find that the system does dot allow them to register if the list of members on the system is not quite up to date

Squash ladder

Upcoming tournaments are advertised on the noticeboard in the club house and on the home page of this website. Watch out for details giving instructions for entering.

Contact the Membership Secretary notifying him of your intention to leave the club. Please allow two months notice

The club does not offer formal coaching but several local coaches offer their services via the noticeboard in the club.

  • There is no junior section of the club at the moment.
  • Junior members are entitled to play and can book off-peak courts at a very reasonable rate
  • Juniors must be accompanied by an adult when playing
  • Juniors are entitled to play in the leagues at the discretion of the Committee

Yes, just write to the Membership Secretary notifying him of your intention to leave the club and requesting a refund of the balance of your account.

Contact details of Membership Secretary

Registering for the website allows you to purchase online credit and to record your league results.