Court booking

Courts are organised in 45 minute slots with the first daily court starting at 07:00 am and the last one starting at 10:00 pm. The courts are bookable up to 3 weeks in advance by an electronic system using a terminal in the club or via the following address on the internet: The court booking slots themselves are split into two categories which are detailed below:

Court Booking

Once the court is booked, you can invite one or more members to play from the court booking website:

  • Click on the My Bookings link in the top menu to bring up a list of your booked courts
  • Select the booking from the list and click on the Go_to_booking link
  • Click on the Invite a Member button at the bottom
  • Click on a letter to find the member using their surname or
  • Click the Select from my current box opponents link to reveal the members in your league
  • Click the appropriate link to invite the member of your choice
  • You can invite multiple members

The member(s) you have invited will receive an email containing a link allowing them to accept or decline the booking. If they chose to accept the booking, half of the booking fee is transferred to your account on the system. When you come to play on the booked court, the lights will come on automatically.