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Welcome to squash ladder PHP
The Squash Ladder is for the use of current members of Gerrards Cross Squash Club. Members need to register themselves on the system by selecting the Register option from the login page to use the ladder.

Please note that whilst the system is accessed by Membership ID and PIN, your PIN will need to be maintained separately on both systems (ie changing your PIN on the Booking system will not change it on the Squash Ladder).

Other members can be challenged from the rankings page and the results of matches can be entered from the rankings or results pages.

Please note that this system is completely separate from the Booking System and any problems experienced here do not reflect upon the integrity of that system.


New user registrations
New users - to register please click on the login link above and then click on the Register button.


Membership has hit the 100 mark!!!
[This is a sample news item] We are pleased to announce that the ladder has been so successful we now have 100 players signed up

Support of the ladder
This software is provided free of charge. To support further development of the ladder please consider making a donation. Thank you.

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