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  • Mid shoe recommendations

    Hi, I'm in need of some new mid shoes, because I've just worn out my 2nd pair of Salming R9s, which have really poor durability. The toe drag area and spot under my big toes just disintegrate in no ti...

    Posted on 25 Oct 2017

  • Playing shots with an open stance

    Most of the top pros play a lot of their shots with an open stance (i.e. the "wrong" leg forward); if you watch a modern pro match you will see that they almost never hit a drive with a closed stance ...

    Posted on 12 Sep 2017

  • Gold Video Library

    For those who are wondering what happened to the videos, they were all mucked up with forehand rally repetition, they are back.  I notice some are a bit out of focus.  That is another job fo...

    Posted on 25 Aug 2017

  • Doubles squash what do people think ?

    Things were building up for the World Doubles today. Much greater hype in place than for the Australian open. What do people think of doubles squash ?...

    Posted on 24 Aug 2017

  • Trouble Shooting Guide

    As I have been clicking around the squashgame site to check on the content and video links i came across this Trouble Shooting guide to help players correct some of their errors during play.  Sim...

    Posted on 21 Aug 2017