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    Squashgame in coming to life again. I did have a couple of emails regarding the use of the resources for which I am happy to help on the squash journey.   Thanks for those encouraging words...

    Posted on 21 Aug 2017

  • Shoes for a heavy guy where heals keep hurting

    Hi. just started back at squash and even though I've lost like 100lbs in the last year, i'm still quite heavy and i'm finding after some games that my heals are hurting, as if the heel of my foot is b...

    Posted on 26 Feb 2017

  • Looking for squash partner in Bahrain

      Hello, I am looking for a Squash partner ( Entry Level) to play squash as a hobby. Nothing pro or serious involved. just a good game for exercise 2 or 3 times a week Please text or...

    Posted on 22 Dec 2016

  • Squashgame links NOT working right

    Hi members - sorry the squashgame site is a bit confused since the site has changed servers and Raystrach has promised he will chase up the broken links when he gets a minute or two. Sorry cos i can ...

    Posted on 7 Nov 2016

  • Squash courts management by the government

    Hello, I am a new comer in Hong Kong. I like to know more about how foreign governments manage the public squash courts. In Hong Kong, there are many public indoor sports centres managed by the govern...

    Posted on 7 Oct 2016