Gerrards Cross Squash Club
Honours Board
Winter Handicap Champion
The Ken Hewison Trophy
YearWinner Runner-up
2017 S Hanover R Patrick
2016 I Swallow S Hanover
2015 M Jacobs D Sledge
2014 S Free M Burnett
2013 S Hanover M Jacobs
2012 T Loran R Chandra
2011 S Hanover M Jacobs
2010 R Rickman I Nunn
2009 M Burnett K Popely
2008 D Williams S Hanover
2007 K Wingfield K Popely
2006 M Jacobs R Fisher
2005 C Hockin S Woods
2004 R Fisher R Rickman
2003 M Nightingale J Luddy
2002 S Woods A Morris
2001 D Sledge S Woods
2000 R Gulati C Hulett
1999 R Fisher D Halkerston
1998 S Hanover S Jaggard
1997 J Singleton P Willis
1996 P Brady
1995 M Burnett
1994 C Upton
1993 R Francis
1992 K Hewison
1991 R E Boyd
1990 L P Willis
1989 P Jones
1988 P Jones
1987 P Jones
1986 R Hedley
1985 R Cook

Swallow Swoops to Take Handicap Honours

Ian Swallow won the 2016 Ken Hewison Winter Handicap Tournament on Sunday 6 March beating Stephen Hanover 100 - 92 in the final.

Stephen has a considerable track record in this tournament, having won in 1998, 2011 and 2013, been runner-up in 2008 and won the plate in 2010. Ian had previously been runner-up in this tournament in 2014, the same year he won the Summer Handicap Tournament.

Starting on a level footing at 70 - 70, the couple traded point for point throughout the 70s and 80s and were rarely separated by more than a single point. As the match reached it’s end stages, however, Ian chased down every ball whilst Stephen’s dropshots increasingly found the tin, resulting in Ian taking the match 100 - 92.

Jacobs takes title in Handicap cracker

Mike Jacobs regained the Ken Hewison Winter Handicap title by beating David Sledge in an entertaining final on Sunday 8 March. He had previously held the title in 2006. Earlier in the day, David had liberated the crown from the grasp of Simon Free who had been looking to add a consecutive Winter title to match the two Summer titles he holds.

The final was a step too far for David, though, even with the help of an 80 40 starting handicap; the points came all too slowly for him to halt Michaels relentless progress towards the magic figure of 100. After a series of punishing rallies, Michael reached that mark whilst David was still on 96, his dream of repeating his own 2001 victory having long since slipped from his grasp.

The small crowd had mostly slipped away at the final whistle making the trophy ceremony a quiet affair. Organisers, Richard and Anita Crosbie, were pleased to report a 60% increase in the number of entrants compared with the previous handicap tournament. In the main tournament, three matches reachedthe magic score of 100 - 99 and a further seven were settled by five points or less.

Simon Breaks Free to Take Handicap Crown

The Ken Hewison Winter Handicap Tournament reached an epic conclusion on Sunday 2 March with a terrific final between Simon Free and Mike Burnett. Simon took the honours finishing on 100 points to Michaels 97 from a starting scoreline of 75 50 but was pushed every inch of the way in a match that ebbed and flowed. You might imagine that trying to overcome a 2:1 handicap is a somewhat daunting prospect when your opponent has topped the leagues for the last 4 months but for most of the match it seemed that Mike would do just that as he gnawed away at the deficit. Simon was able to take the odd few points here and there though and always managed to keep in the game and a late flurry of points as Mike was threatening to achieve parity saw him through.

Simon currently holds the Summer Handicap title also, the only other members to achieve this Handicap Grand Slam being Roger Francis and Mike Burnett who has done so twice in 1994-5 and in 2009.

Hewison Trophy returns to House of Hanover

Stephen Hanover beat Michael Jacobs in a repeat of the 2011 final to win the Ken Hewison Winter Handicap Tournament at Gerrards Cross Squash Club on Sunday 10 March. A small crowd was treated to an excellent final between the two League 1 players as Stephen, starting from 80 to Michaels 60 reached the magic 100 with just three points to spare. The game ebbed and flowed and the result was always in doubt from start to finish.

This was Stephens third time of winning having also been runner-up once whilst this was Michaels second time as runner-up having also won the trophy once.

Tournament newbie shows promise

The crowd at Gerrards Cross Squash Club were treated to a terrific spectacle in the Ken Hewison Winter Handicap Final on Sunday 11 March as tournament new boy Trevor Loran beat Rishi Chandra in a thrilling match that went all the way to 100 - 99.

The match started with Rishi, a league 1 regular, on 90 points and Trevor back on 60. Rishi picked up a few points early on before Trevor started to pile on the pressure with some excellent squash. Rishi was no pushover however and played his part well scoring just enough points to keep in the hunt for the title. A late flurry of points set up a thrilling finish and saw Rishi almost claim victory before Trevor finally took the spoils with a judicious nick.

Trevor had previously shown his pedigree with back to back wins over Ian Swallow and Rory Fisher, both league 1 stalwarts.

It was an immensely satisfying end to a very enjoyable tournament that had attracted 32 entrants (a pleasingly round number and a power of 2). It encompassed more than the usual amount of drama with one quarter finalist playing with cracked ribs and another having to withdraw due to his wife going into labour!

Hanover Humbles Jacobs in Handicap

Stephen Hanover took the 2011 Ken Hewison Winter Handicap Tournament on Sunday 13 March by beating Michael Jacobs 100 - 94 in the final. The pair started with an opening handicap of 80 - 60 and with Michael taking the first 5 points, it looked at first as if the handicap was not going to be enough. Stephen took the next three points to redress the balance.

The pair then traded points for a while with Stephen edging closer to the magic 100 points all the time. Michael managed a couple of late flurries of points whilst Stephen was in the 90's and even strung together a sequence of 9 consecutive points with Stephen on 98 but it was just too late.

You can see the full tournament results by following the link below:

2011 Winter Handicap draw

In the plate final, Chris Hockin beat Vince Paul 100 - 93 after starting at 70 - 75. Chris and Vince are regular sparring partners in the top two leagues and at the top of the ladder.

2011 Winter Handicap Plate draw

Robert reaps reward in handicap final

Robert Rickman won the Ken Hewison Winter Handicap Tournament by beating Ian Nunn 100 - 92 in the final on Sunday 7th February.

Starting from an initial handicap of 45 - 85, Robert overcame a shaky start which saw the first 6 points shared equally (making his task 18% harder). Having recovered his composure, Robert piled on the points to make up the deficit, eventually passing Ian's score in the early 90's and powered on to take the title with an 8 point margin.

In the Plate final, David Sledge gave an energetic display of running and stretching to beat Stephen Hanover 100 - 92. Starting from 75 - 65, the match progressed over a series of long rallies which kept the small crowd entertained. Both players went just about point for point but Stephen allowed David to play his own game which he did in a remarkably mistake-free manner to take the spoils.

Karl wings it in WH final

Karl Wingfield won the Ken Hewison Cup for the 2007 Winter Handicap Tournament on Sunday 4th February beating Kevin Popely in an explosively decisive final.

In a match that neither looked nor sounded like any that I have ever played in, Karl seized the initiative from the outset. Starting on a surprising initial handicap score of 80 to KP's 75, Karl ruthlessly drove Kevin around the court to end the match on a score of 100-88.

Presumably, some insider knowledge was brought to bear on the selection of the handicap and 20-20 hindsight leads me to suspect that it was of a similar quality to that which lead us into war in Iraq but whatever the case, it would have had to have been seriously wrong in the other direction for the outcome of this match to have been any different.

In the final of the plate competition, Don Williams overcame tremendous industry from Joe Lyon to take the honours 100-98 after starting level on 70 points each.

This was an intriguing match where the competitors were rarely more than 2 points apart and with both parties sharing the lead at various stages. Don held the upper hand going in to the business end of the match but having come back from 88-99 earlier in the day he may not have felt unduly concerned if Joe had held the lead in the late 90's.

Well done all round and this time we all got home to watch the telly.

Michael Jacobs wins Ken Hewison Trophy

The annual Ken Hewison Winter Handicap Tournament was won last night by Michael Jacobs who triumphed over Rory Fisher in a fiercely contested final. The small crowd were treated to some tremendous squash in a classy final.

Starting with a handicap of 55 to Michael's 75, Rory took the first 6 or 7 points on the trot and looked very much like a man keen to get back home to catch something on the telly. However after his sluggish start, Michael recovered to stem the flow and battle to get back into the match. From this point he was able to defend his handicap advantage against Rory's challenge and held on to take the match with a 6 point cushion. (I hope Rory remembered to set the video!)

Earlier in the evening, the reigning Winter Handicap champion, Chris Hockin beat off a late challenge from David Sledge in a masterful display of synchronised running about to win the plate competition. Starting on a handicap of 60 to David's 75, Chris won the match to 97. Chris has won the plate on several occasions in the past and probably has enough to make a set now though the club website is strangely vague on the subject (perhaps we should inspect his kitchen cupboards).

The Ken Hewison Winter Handicap 2005

Congratulations go to Chris Hockin who held his nerve to take the final of the Ken Hewison Winter Handicap Tournament. A number of people saw Chris prevail in a tense match against past winner, Steve Woods. Starting from 65 to 75, Chris saw half of his starting advantage whittled away before taking charge to win the match to 89 points.

The Plate trophy went to Rod Clark after an excellent final against Gwyn John. Starting on 60 points to Gwyn's 70, Rod took the early initiative and overhauled Gwyn's tally in the mid 80's only to see Gwyn rally. The match ended with both players trading point for point and with Rod taking the all important match point to win 100 to 99. They don't get closer than that."