Gerrards Cross Squash Club
Honours Board
Club Champion
YearWinner Runner-up
2017 T Loran S Hefferman
2016 A Peers S Hefferman
2015 T Loran M Burnett
2014 S Hefferman T Loran
2013 T Loran S Hefferman
2012 T Loran S Hefferman
2011 P Simmons S Hefferman
2010 S Hefferman M Burnett
2009 P Simmons S Hefferman
2008 S Hefferman K Wingfield
2007 S Hefferman M Burnett
2006 S Hefferman S Bailey
2005 S Hefferman R Fisher
2004 S Hefferman K Popely
2003 S Hefferman R Fisher
2002 R Fisher A Rolfe
2001 R Fisher C Sawyer
1999 M Burnett R Fisher
1998 S Hefferman S Bayley
1997 M Burnett P Jones
1996 I Pagan N W Hallchurch
1995 P Jones
1994 P Jones
1993 M Brooks
1992 M Brooks
1991 M Brooks
1990 G R Cissell
1989 M Schuyl
1988 M Schuyl
1987 M Schuyl
1986 M Schuyl
1985 M Schuyl
1984 R Herson
1983 R Herson
1982 R Herson
1981 C A Randall
1980 C A Randall
1979 R Herson
1978 P M de Semlyen C Williamson
1977 P M de Semlyen
1976 E Brixey
1975 C R Colman
1974 J Dixon

Tank takes trophy in terrific title tussle

Trevor Loran retained his title of Champion of Gerrards Cross Squash Club by beating Stewart Hefferman 3 - 2 in a terrific final on Sunday 24th March.

A decent crowd were enthralled by this lengthy match which involved four games of delicious cat and mouse squash throughout which Stewart was able to keep himself in contention at all times. The final game saw a step-up in intensity and the pair still went point for point before Trevor sealed the match and the title with a 10 - 8 win. The match lasted well over an hour and the final score was 9 - 5, 6 - 9, 9 - 6, 7 - 9, 10 - 8.

This was 1st team captain, Stewart’s eleventh consecutive appearance in the Championship final which includes seven victories. Tournament organiser, Nick Hallchurch declared it the best Championship final seen at the club in 20 years and few there could have doubted it.

Club Championship - normal service resumed

Members may be aware that the club has been undergoing something of a period of restoration recently with the replacement of the terminal on the balcony and the re-establishment of the computer control of the court lighting. This theme was continued on the evening of Sunday 28th March as Stewart Hefferman regained his rightful place as Club Champion by beating Mike Burnett 3 - 2 in the final of the Club's flagship tournament.

The crowd were treated to an absolute spectacle of superb squash with both players contributing to an epic final that ebbed and flowed over a period of at least 90 minutes.

Stewart took the first game 9 - 5 before Mike countered by taking the second 9 - 6. The third game swung Stewarts way again as he won 9 - 6. Mike then took the short fourth game by an astounding scoreline of 9 - 0. Stewart has an absolute deadpan demeanor on court and his reaction to this surprising turn of events was one of mere mild irritation and he went on to seal the victory with an equally surprising 9 - 1 scoreline in the deciding game.

This is Stewart's seventh championship in the last eight years and it was a pleasure to watch. It was certainly the best final I have seen at the club in almost 20 years.

Rakesh Gulati won the Veterans' Tournament by beating Vince Paul 3 - 2 after having to come from behind twice. The final statistics read 4 - 9, 9 - 7, 6 - 9, 9 - 4, 9 - 0.

Ex Club Chairman, David Colwill won the trophy for players in League 7 and below with a 3 - 0 victory over Ian Nunn.

Pete returns to take Stewart's crown

Pete Simmons wrested the Club Championship from Stewart Hefferman's grasp by beating him 3 - 1 in a hard fought final. A small crowd watched appreciatively as an excellent match was poised on the brink at 1 - 1 before Pete went on to win the match.

Peter was briefly a member several years ago before moving away from the area. He has returned this season after a year away from the squash court to gain a regular position in the first team.

Stewart has held the title since 2003 after first winning in 1998 and has held the title more than any previous member of the club.

Heff makes it 5 in a row

Stewart Hefferman maintained his Lance Armstrong-like grip on the Club Championship by winning his 5th consecutive title on 25th March 2007.

He Beat Mike Burnett 3 - 1 in the final.

On the same evening, Kevin Popely regained the Vets' title that he previously won in 2005 by beating Nick Hallchurch 3 - 0.

Andy Youngs took the League 7 plus title by beating Carl Francis 3 - 0.

Congratulations and well done to all who played.

Stewart makes it 4 in a row

Stewart Hefferman stormed to a 4th consecutive title in the Gerrards Cross Squash Club Championship on Sunday 2nd April bring his tally of titles to 5 which equals the club record set by M Schuyl in the late 80's. His opponent, Stephen Bailey struggled to gain a foothold in the match as Stewart took the first two games to love.

At the recent Winter Handicap Tournament, it was reported that Rory had started the final like a man keen to get back to catch something on the telly. To continue the analogy, Stewart seemed to be aiming to get back to catch last week's episode. He was 6-0 up in the 3rd before he dropped a point as Stephen found the nick he'd been searching for. Stewart took such offence at losing a point that he promptly lost several more before regaining the serve to take the game 9-7 and the title with it.

The other matches on the evening went largely to form. In the League 7 Plus tournament, John Pope took a closely fought first game before losing 3-1 to Peter Scott. John is the reigning Winter Points Champion from the leagues and seems to be heading for a creditable 2nd place in that competition this time around.

Robert Rickman took the Mens' Plate trophy, beating Andy Youngs 3-0 despite some spirited resistance from Andy.

The remaining match of the evening was in the Veterans' competition between Robin Hopkinson and Chris Hockin. It isn't a Finals Night without Chris but this time round, it was a semi-final which Robin took 3-1 with a series of heavily disguised shots. Robin will now meet Nick Hallchurch in the final which is to be played at 17:30 on Wednesday 5th April.

The Ladies Tournament will take the form of a round-robin competition from 16:00 on Saturday 8th April.

Junior tournaments have also been held and will be reported separately.